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Bmw: M4 competition.

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Today we are gonna talk about the all new 'BMW M4'.

M4 is a 2 door sports coupe offered by BMW in India.

It is a high performance version of 4 series developed by BMW's high performance division 'BMW M'. It has got lot many changes from the standard bmw 4 series.

Firstly talking about the pricing:

The M4 starts from a price range of 76,055 pounds in UK.

In India, it starts from 1.25cr rupees which is quite a lot of money.

Now talking about the design:

At front, it gets a huge kidney grill which looks kind of a different but it works on the M4 because it has got some kind of scooped out bonnet to match the huge grill.

The lower part of the front is really very agreesive. The air curtains looks really nice.

There are lot of aero-dynamic bits on the front profile. you also get smoked headlights lenses and gets adaptive led lights as standard. You can also opt for adaptive laser lights.

Now coming to the rear, on the boot lid, there is a little spoiler, a deeper more aggressive

bumper and going lower, there is a huge diffuser but it is not gonna work as the under body of the isn't totally flat. It gets quad exhausts and the cuts on the bumper look very nice.

The quad exhaust with the diffuser looks absolutely phenomenal.

There is also a optional carbon fiber pack in which it gets rear spoiler, diffuser, air curtains at the front, seats, etc. in carbon fiber.

Now coming to the side of the car, it gets a side skirt. Due to this side skirt, it looks like the car is hugging the ground. It also gets black window surround and also blacked out rear window.

The alloy wheels also look preety cool. at front, it get 19 inch and 20 inch alloy wheels at the rear. There are four alloy wheel designs on offer.

Also, there are three colours available for brake calipers- red, blue, black.

Now coming inside, the seats of this car are preety cool and you can also opt for the upgraded bucket seats with carbon fiber finishing and they really stand out.(the seats in the image are optional carbon fiber bucket seats). It get carbon fiber on the steering, paddle shifters, on the central console, outside rear view mirror and red coloured engine stop start button. It gets 'M' stitching on gear lever, seat belts and on steering wheel. It gets scuff plates with M4 competition written on it.

It gets digital dial as standard with some 'M' touches such as new dials. Same with the infotainment system and everything else in this system is same as in every BMW.

Now coming to the rear seats, it has the same problem which most of the coupe have

i.e. due to sloping roofline, the headroom isn't great for an adult, the kneeroom is fine and under thigh support is decent I would say.


Now talking about the boot, it gets an electric tailgate as standard. The boot carrying capacity is 440 litres which is quite a lot as compared to it's competitor Mercedes Benz C63 AMG which has capacity of 355 litres.


It gets a 3.0L twin turbo charged straight six engine.

In old M4 competition, it used to produce 480 hp and 550 Nm of torque but in the new M4 competition, it produces 510 hp which is 60 hp more and 650 Nm of torque which is 100 Nm which is a good improvement.


This car drives the rear wheels through a 8 speed torque converter gearbox. There is no dual clutch system available in this car. It is ZF tried and tested gearbox which is really quick with shifts.

In other parts of the world, it also offers manual transmission but not in India


This car goes from 0-100 km/h in just 3.6 seconds (in rear wheel drive mode) and does the quarter mile in 11.62 seconds.

In brake test, at 110 km/h (70 miles/h) this car can stop within 39 meters with standard brakes which is absolutely phenomenal braking. You can also upgrade them to carbon ceramic brakes which costs 8000 pounds (8,00,000 ₹).

The top speed of this car is 250 km/h (155 miles/h) but you can increase it to 290 km/h (180 miles/h) by buying the

M driver's pack which would cost 10,000 pounds.


The steering of this car isn't overly sensitive so it's not like suddenly doing the hard cornering at high speeds. But the steering is very well caliiberated that it steers the car in the same direction as you expect it to go.


The suspension are lot more stiffened out than the normal 4 series. The suspensions are on the firm side which give it a proper sport car feeling. It isn't really comfortable and it still manages to keep the car in contact with the road to give that grip and confidence that the driver want.


The gearbox isn't a dual clutch unit but it's tried and tested by ZF and is really well tuned.

The gearshifts are blisteringly quick and is very responsive. BMW uses this gearbox in lot of it's cars so there's no complaint about the gearbox.

At last I would say that the BMW M4 is overall a good car.


So, my final verdict about the car is

  1. should you avoid it

  2. consider it

  3. shortlist it or

  4. go ahead and buy it

Well, I think

if you have enough money, then you should go right ahead and buy it.


If you want to see the indepth video review of this car then it's down here.

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