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BMW To Say Goodbye To It's V12 Engines!!!

BMW has decided to put an end on the production of it's V12 engines. BMW used to provide these engine in some of it's special cars such as M760i xdrive which is BMW's flagship saloon.

Let's talk about history of this beautiful engine. This engine was first introduced in 1987. It was a 5.0-litre naturally aspirated engine which used to produce 295 Hp in the 750i.

BMW has decided that the last engines will fitted to 12 special edition units which will be named as 'The Final V12' which be sold only in USA in month of June 2022. these cars will stand out with the bold V12 badge on the rear. They will be fitted with as much equipment possible.

In the exterior, it will get unique 20-inch double spoke alloy wheels finished in either grey or jet black colour as per customer's demand. The customers will also have choice of selecting the exterior paint. The M-sport brake calipers also have choice of black or blue colour.

In the interior, it will be equipped with the BMW individual piano black trim, each door sill will have a plate reading 'The Final V12' and a plaque commemorating the vehicle as “1 OF 12” on the piano black trim. It will be same as it is on the engine cover. There will be a choice of BMW individual full Merino leather for interior.

This V12 engine is a 6.6-litre twin turbo charged petrol unit producing 601 BHP mated to a 8-speed torque converter automatic transmission which goes from 0-100 km/h sprint in 3.6 sec.

Not anyone can go and simply buy this car. BMW will send special invitations to it's customers in USA who have owned a V12 engine powered 7-Series for a long time to buy this final V12 car.

In July 2022, the buyers are expected to get their deliveries and later on BMW will send them a custom-built desk trophy specific to their vehicle.


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