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Hyundai To Discontinue Its Diesel Engines!

Hyundai Motor Company will probably discontinue the diesel-powered i20 from April 2023. Not only the i20 but Hyundai is planning to discontinue the diesel engine smaller than 2000cc. The firm has stated some reasons for the same.

Hyundai says that from April 2023, the govt has decided to take RDE (Real Drive Emission) Norms into play. It states that all diesel cars should use the expensive SCR (Selective Catalytic reduction) method which converts harmful emissions of Nitrogen Oxides from the tailpipe to nitrogen, water, and very little Carbon dioxide with the use of adblue.

The cars with diesel engines bigger than 2.0L are using this method but the smaller cars use less expensive and simpler Lean Nitrogen Trap which makes the job done but due to the new norms, the price of diesel engines will increase.

Hyundai says that the sale of the diesel i20 is only 10% of the total sale of the car so it doesn't make any sense in updating the engines and selling them in a higher price bracket as only a few customers will buy it so discontinuation Is the most practical option.

So, if anyone out there wants to buy a diesel i20 or any diesel-powered Hyundai car smaller than 2.0L then buy it before it gets discontinued.

The automobile market is moving towards electrification and it will finish all the fun of driving feel of IC Engines. we will talk about this in some other article or most probably the next one.

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