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Hyundai Tucson Fails The Latin NCAP Test

Latin NCAP was conducting thorough assessment of some cars one of which was the Hyundai Tucson.

This car scored zero star safety ratings in its crash test.

For adult occupants, it scored 20.48 points (51.21%) for adult occupants and 2.14 points (4%) for child occupants protection

Talking about the car, it is a premium SUV offered by Hyundai Motors. Priced around Rs.22.69 - 27.47 lakhs (ex-showroom), compets with Jeep Compass and Citoren C5 Aircross. It is the most expensive car from Hyundai in India.

In crash test, this car scored 13.2 points in the frontal offset deformable barrier test (64 km/hr), 7.86 of 8 points in the side movable deformable barrier test (50 km/hr) and 2.46 of 3 points in the whiplash rear impact test.

The car had both the driver and front passenger (the driver’s knees had marginal protection though) and had a stable bodyshell and footwell area.

These kind of safety ratings aren't at all expected at this price point. Hyundai definitely could have offered more good safety to this SUV.


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