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Introduction of Flux-Fuel Engine Powered Cars In India Within 6 Months?

Union Road Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari is planning to introduce flux-fuel engine powered cars in India. He gave a 6 months of time period for the automakers to introduce flux-fuel engines.

Firstly talking about flux-fuel, it is a type of fuel which contains 85% ethanol which will make the prices cheaper than that of petrol and diesel. Companies such as TVS motors and Bajaj auto has already introduced flux-fuel engines in some of their two and three wheelers.

As flux-fuel is cheaper and as well as eco-friendly, Union Transport Minister had announced the Centre's decision to make it mandatory for automakers to introduce flux-fuel engines.

He stated that “Soon, 4-wheeler vehicles will run on 100 percent ethanol. So, we won’t need petrol…And, the use of green fuel will save our money and environment.”

He also said that the customers will have choices of buying either petrol or bioethanol.


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