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Kia EV6 : Car Of The Year 2022 ?

The EV6 is by far one of the best Kia cars around. Kia has gone through the roof in designing in this car.

The sharp headlamps and the nice and different looking taillamps connected to each other makes it look awesome. It looks a way futuristic for it's time.

The front headlamps gets a different and a unique kind of DRL treatment and the bumper looks very aggressive.

The side profile has a typical EV affair with the wheels at the extremes to increase the space for the battery pack which also leads in increase of the leg room for rear seats.

The wheels also look nice with the typical EV style design and the curves on the doors and the black coloured pillars giving the roof a floating treatrment makes the side profile even better. In addition, the door handles get emerged into the doors and come out when you unlock the car.

But there isn't everything right here. As it is an EV so the ground clearance is low and the wheels are pushed to extremes so there are chances that the car can scratch over bumps and on bad roads.

The rear is an absolute piece of art with those slim and curve taillamps connected to each other and the aggressive bumper design. There is a shark fin antenna and a spoiler on the top of rear windshield.

Inside, it looks clean with the two spoke steering wheel and and the dual screens. The central console gets a unique treatment than any other car with the power button and the gear selector behind it.

There is a wireless charging pad, two cup holders and armrest behind it. The AC vents are connected to each other by a metal lining which give it a premium appeal.

In my perspective, the EV6 is one of the best car around in terms of design and trust me, if Kia launches it with an attractive price tag them it is will sell like pan cakes.

Expected price: 60 Lakhs

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