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Know about CVT's. What Are They, Working, Pros-and-Cons


  • CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) is a altogether different type of transmission as compared to any other automatic transmission.

  • Here, there are no fixed gearshift ratios. (no headache of gears)

  • Instead, there is a belt attached to two pulleys of different radii one of which is a input pulley and another is output pulley.

  • The input pulley is connected to the crankshaft of the engine and output pulley is connected to the wheels of the vehicle.

  • It is mostly used in scooters.


  • When the vehicle starts moving, the belt moves slowly so the radius of the pulley decreases which makes the belt move faster resulting in increase in the speed of the vehicle.

  • Due to the change in the circumference of the pulley, the gear shifts vary continuously hence called as Continuously Variable Transmission.


  1. Good for driving in city especially in heavy traffic conditions.

  2. Gives better fuel economy.

  3. Provides smooth gear shifts than other transmissions making rides buttery smooth.

  4. Low maintenance cost.


  1. As power delivery is linear so no instant boom of power output.

  2. Not suitable for heavy foot driving.

  3. Doesn't lasts longer as compared to other transmissions as more moving parts are involved.

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