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Madras High Court Grants 60 Days To Car Owners To Remove The Sun Protection Film

The High Court gave an order to the car owners to remove the sun protection film from their cars within a time span of 60 days. Once the deadline is finished then the cars with the films on it will be seized.

The High Court also ordered that a similar time limit should be fixed for removing portraits of political or communal leaders, kept facing outside to exert influence, from the dashboards of vehicles.

almost 50 percent of vehicles in Tamil Nadu “either have party flags or designation boards or portraits of party/communal leaders or advocate/press stickers.”

The judges said many vehicles with political party flags or designation boards were said to be involved in criminal activities and added that the purpose of having them is only to keep the police away.

Both the State police and transport authorities has said to give 60 days’ time to 4-wheeler owners to remove car sun film and seize vehicles which have tinted windows post the deadline.

There will also be the random check and removal of the vehicle regarding the excessively bright lights which voilate the rules. Moreover, the time span also consist of the changing of the number plates of the vehicles which doesn't fit in the rules of the court.

The court also directed to National Highway Authority Of India (NHAI) to ensure all the highways were all good.


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