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Maruti Suzuki Baleno v/s Toyota Glanza

Updated: Apr 9, 2022

Recently, Maruti Suzuki and Toyota have launched their respectives Baleno and Glanza. both are almost the same cars but there are some differences between in terms of looks, pricing, warranty offers, etc. so here we are going to find out which one is the best.

Pricing: Starting with the most important thing i.e. the pricing, the base variant of the Glanza is more expensive than that of the baleno by Rs.4000/- and the top variant is cheaper by Rs.25000/-. Baleno comes in a range of Rs.6.35 - 9.94 Lakhs and the Glanza is in the range of Rs.6.39 - 9.69 Lakhs. Both the cars have seven variants on offer out of which, three are for AMT automatic.

So, if you want to buy the base variant then you should go with the Baleno but if you are planning to buy top variant then you should consider the Glanza.

Maruti Baleno Price Chart



AMT Automatic


Rs.6.39 Lakhs



Rs.7.19 Lakhs

Rs.7.69 Lakhs


Rs.8.09 Lakhs

Rs.8.59 Lakhs


Rs.8.99 Lakhs

Rs.9.49 Lakhs

Toyota Glanza Price Chart



AMT Automatic


Rs.6.39 Lakhs



Rs.7.29 Lakhs

​Rs.7.79 Lakhs


Rs.8.24 Lakhs

Rs.8.74 Lakhs


Rs.9.19 Lakhs

Rs.9.69 Lakhs

But pricing isn't everything to consider a car. There are some other aspects which are required to consider a car such as...

Looks And Design: In terms of looks, the Glanza tend to look more good than Baleno especially the front profile looks stellar. The chrome elements and the bumper gives an aesthetic appeal to the Glanza. The alloy wheel design of both Glanza and Baleno looks good but the alloys on the baleno look a bit smaller as compared to the ones on Glanza.

The rear end of both is same.

Features: Feature wise, both have the same features in them. There is no difference in that regard.

Warranty and services: In this regard, Toyota Glanza wins completely as it gets a warranty offer of 3 years / upto 1 Lakh kms whereas in Baleno, it's of 2 years / upto 40000 kms. The warranty offer of Glanza is better than Baleno.

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