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Mounting An iPhone On Your Bike Can Damage It's Camera

Many people mount their mobile phones on their bikes for various purposes such as navigation but if you use a iPhone then it may be a thing to worry. Apple says that if you have a high capacity engine on your bike an mount your iPhone on it then it may damage your camera section.

Apple says that due to long term exposure high amplitude vibrations within certain frequency range. The performance of the optical image stabilization (OIS) and closed-loop autofocus (AF) systems in an iPhone’s camera might degrade.

With the reduced performance, the iPhone will only be able to capture images and videos with low quality. The intense high-amplitude vibrations created due to high power or loud sound of the engine are transmitted through the chassis and the handle bar to the iPhone.

Thus, Apple recommends iPhone users not to mount their iPhone to the handle bars. Apple also said that it is okay to mount the iPhone on the small capacity 2-wheelers or electric scooters. For lesser damage of the iPhone, use a vibration dampening mount and avoiding long duration of usage.

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